ICT Economic Development in Macao



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Quick ICT Statistics run down of Macao

Geoffroy [MOCERT]



Introduction of Speakers and Talks

Geoffroy [MOCERT]



ICT Opportunities in Macao

Gilbert Chan[MANETIC]



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Geoffroy [MOCERT]



Wide Applications of Multi-factor Authentication and Its Weakness

Dr. Hon Chi Tin [MUST]



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Geoffroy [MOCERT]



CERTs, CSIRTs and Cybersecurity in Macao

Geoffroy [MOCERT



Invited Mr. Geoffroy Thonon, Principal Consultant of Macau Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (MOCERT) and

Mr. Gilbert Chan, Executive Director of Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre (MANETIC) to share and attendees to have deep investigation about the Macao Information & Communications Technology (ICT);

We also invited Dr. Hon Chi Tin, Associate Professor of Macau University of Science and Technology to be the speaker of the topic  “Wide Applications of Multi-factor Authentication and Its Weakness”

Contribute to the Outcomes Document of APrIGF 2015!

We are now calling for your input and comments to our Outcomes Document for APrIGF Macao 2015 which aims to identify the key issues and priorities within the Asia Pacific region through the 3-day conference discussions. The final Outcomes Document will serve as an input to feed into the wider global IGF discussions and also other relevant forums on Internet governance discussions.

More background information about the Outcomes Document and its development process, please refer to http://2015.rigf.asia/outcomes-document/

View Selection Result of Workshop Proposals Now

We are very glad to have received many interesting proposals this year. While we tried our best to accommodate as many workshop proposals as possible, we may not be able to accept all of them due to the meeting venue capacity. However, we highly encouraged everyone’s participation at the accepted workshops to enable a vibrant and fruitful discussion.
You may look at the accepted workshop proposals list here

Updated: Deadline Extension of Call for Workshop Proposals

Receiving many interests from the community on submitting workshop proposals, the MSG has decided to extend the submission deadline to allow more time for the community to fully develop their workshop proposals.

We welcome proposals for pre-events or main workshop sessions which should present the proposed issue in an inclusive manner, incorporating a multi-stakeholder perspective with a balance of stakeholders and gender in the speakers list.

There will not be further deadline extension. It is highly encouraged to submit your workshop proposal within the extended period.

Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: 11 Mar 2015 (Wed) [Extended to 7 April (Tue)]

Online Submission Form: (http://2015.rigf.asia/workshop-theme-submissions/)

Open Call for Themes and Workshop Proposals

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum
APrIGF 2015 Macao

30 Jun (Pre-event) 1 – 3 Jul (Main Conference) 2015
Cotai Central Macau University of Science & Technology, Macao

Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) is one of the key regional initiatives on Internet governance which provides an open platform for multi-stakeholders to discuss and identify issues and priorities, and ultimately advances the development of Internet governance in the Asia Pacific region as well as bring forward and contribute to the wider global Internet community.

Hosted by HNET.Asia, the registry for the ccTLD of Macao (.mo), APrIGF 2015 will be held from 30 Jun (Tue) to 3 Jul (Fri) at the Cotai Central Macao in conjunction with an annual local telecommunications event – CommuniMacao (3-5 Jul). With the many recent developments of the Internet such as the IANA stewardship transition and the discussion of post-2015 development agenda, etc, APrIGF 2015 will definitely be the good platform for all these important discussions.

Our Multi-Stakeholder Steering Group(MSG) now would like to call upon the community to contribute to the program development process and suggest any thematic issues or topic of discussions as well as pre-events or workshop proposals for 2015!

Online Submission Form: (http://2015.rigf.asia/workshop-theme-submissions/)
Thematic Suggestion Deadline: 4 Dec 2014 (Thu)
Workshop Proposal Submission Deadline: 11 Mar 2015 (Wed) [Extended to 30 Mar (Mon)]

**Travel support will be available with partial subsidies provided to selected APrIGF delegates. An application process will be announced in due course.

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the secretariat at [email protected].

If you are interested to follow any news and updates about APrIGF and discuss relevant issues, you may subscribe to the mailing list [email protected] by sending in subscription request.

We also welcome any Internet-related organisation to become a sponsor. Please contact [email protected] for more information.