Final Call for Comments on the Outcomes Document (8 Jul)

Final Call for Comments on the Outcomes Document for Draft 0 by 8 Jul 2015 (Wed)!

It is glad to see that there are quite a number of inputs on the online commenting platform collected over the period of the conference which are very constructive and useful. After the 3 days discussion, there has been a rough consensus among the APrIGF Macao 2015 participants to move forward with the Outcomes Document and extend the comment period to further solicit a wider input on this open document before finalizing it.

A Drafting Team has therefore been formed to steer the development of this Outcomes Document which an initial meeting has been held to outline the structure of the document and also the timeline. The way forward is creating a Draft 0 by incorporating the collected comments online followed by another 1-month comment period.

We are now doing a final call out to any interested community members to join the Drafting Team. If you would like to be part of it, please contact [email protected] by 7 Jul(Tue) 2015.